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While others may ‘stream,’ we Broadcast Live. There is a difference. As a Subscriber, you will uncover access to a growing array of unique content from the best musicians in Hollywood. Whether on a world tour supporting headline talent, or working in the busiest Los Angeles recording studios on blockbuster movies, these are the players you want to know.

We provide you with exclusive Live Broadcasts in a very intimate environment unlike any other. You will be able to see and hear the musicians up-close and personal in a way that only we can provide. Add to that the inner workings of the process of making music at the highest level and you will begin to realize you now have access unlike ever before. In a time where nearly all venues are closed, and all tours are cancelled – you will truly be helping out these musicians during this difficult time by providing a playing opportunity for these deserving players. You are in a much better position than front-row-center: you are inside the process.

We provide you with two levels of membership here at Network Concerts. Our entry-level membership give you access to a growing archive of exclusive content including in-depth interviews with the musicians both in our studio as well as on location. You’ll get to know the players that you have been listening to for many years.

Along with the interviews we will also provide bios for every musician that appears within our programming. This is the best and most direct way to get to know some of the background of these great players.

In addition to all that, we will take you inside some of the world’s great venues starting with Southern California – home to world-famous concert halls, arenas, stadiums, and nightclubs with our exclusive Venue Profiles. Then we take you further into the unseen province of some of the world’s most famous recording studios in Hollywood with our Recording Studio Profiles.

Sure, the music’s great and that is front-and-center why we are here. But how much better to fully understand the world of these professional musicians and where they work and ply their trade.

We suggest that if you don’t yet know your way around, you might want to start with our entry-level service to learn about what is inside. When you’re ready to go, then step right up to our subscription service and really help out these deserving musicians in this unusual set of circumstances. The musicians may not be on tour, but they are closer than you can imagine during our Live Broadcasts.

If you are a true music fan, you don’t want to miss any of this. Put music on the front burner and settle in to get close to these amazing players. Did we mention you can submit question to them during the Live Broadcast? Please stay tuned for the first set of shows. You’ll be glad you did.