Reunion! CD Release Live-Stream Celebration!
Featuring Alex Frank and Jake Reed

Live Broadcast Sunday October 17th.
Starts at Noon Pacific Standard Time.

Your support is most appreciated!

To get a signed copy of Reunion!:

I recently took possession of Barney Kessel’s guitar. Besides being a music icon, he was also my mentor and friend. Since his death I had played the guitar when visiting his widow and did so until put it up for auction. Due to a recent occurrence (more like paranormal intervention) I got it back.

My dream for a long time has been to reunite instruments played by Barney, Ray Brown and Shelly Manne (known as The Poll Winners) being played by their respective protégés. I have done exactly that, and am even more gratified that all of us have played together in myriad situations (including with the original owners). This is like kids getting together and playing their parents instruments! It is also a story of tying the past and present together with a willful and loving eye to the future. The overwhelming support received from the Kickstarter campaign further cements my resolve that this a story that resonates deeply, and far beyond the beautiful sounds still left in these vintage instruments. – Bruce Forman