Sample Performance Agreement

Sample Performance Agreement

Artist ______________________ agrees to perform live music on _____________ Date at the Studio.

Artist agrees to perform two 50 minute sets: 8pm – 8:50pm, and 9:10pm – 10pm. There is a 20 minute break between the two sets.

Artist agrees to make an appearance on Groove Files at least 2 weeks prior to the live performance date to promote the show, and to provide a formal interview.

Artist agrees to perform a minimum of 60 minutes of original material. Artist hereby grants Producer the right and license to record these songs on both digital multi-track audio and multi-cam HD video, and to use them in conjunction with all syndication rights outlined within this agreement.

Artist agrees to a full, formal 1-hour sound-check ending prior to 7pm on the day of the performance. This does not include rehearsal time, but is a full sound-check for the audio engineer and video crew.

Artist agrees to maximize exposure of their live appearance on all their personal and artist social media outlets with verification to producer a minimum of 30 days in advance of the performance.

Artist agrees that they will use their best efforts to fill up all 40 seats.

Artist may have an unlimited number on their guest list, up to capacity, subject to the 2-week provision and the Production Fee is covered in advance.

Artist agrees that the show may be recorded on multi-track audio and multi-camera HD video for syndication purposes, and further that the show may be streamed live at the discretion of the Producer.

Artist agrees that the Artist will own the audio and video masters from the show, and may use these files to release a Live CD or Live DVD of their appearance, subject to the terms and conditions herein.

Artist agrees that Producer will also own the audio and video masters from the show, and may exclusively use these files for any/all forms of syndication across all mediums including digital, analog, satellite, broadcast, on-demand, streaming, etc/, in perpetuity.

Artist agrees that Producer may sell commercials and ads, within the live stream and all syndicated programs.

Artist agrees that Producer may sell portions of the performance in the context of a ‘Best of’ compilation audio CD or video DVD.

Artist agrees that Artist will not provide or allow to be used by any third party any portion of the files for syndication or distribution purposes in any form. Artist may use the audio/video files from the show to create and release a Live CD, or Live DVD for sale of their performance – provided full accreditation is included on all packaging/marketing materials and within the body of any and all program material resulting from this production.

Artist agrees that they will always give full and proper credit to Producer in large print at the end of every audio/video clip as part of the condition of their use. If audio, there will always be a full accreditation including website and email and show name. If video, there will always be a full page in the credit roll, as well as in all promotional material. This is a key provision and a condition of entering into this agreement.

Artist receives a full copy of Line Cut and Live Mix if available. Artist also receives a full copy of all master multi-track audio and multi-cam video files from the show. These files may be used to create a Live CD, or a Live DVD that the Artist owns and may sell.

Artist agrees that they Will Not syndicate their show, nor allow any third-party syndication of the show, and that it will only be sold or distributed directly by the Artist or their record company. No third-party syndication.

Artist may NOT give away or post any of the audio or video material from the show online – with the exception of one song or a compilation not to exceed 3 minutes in length.

Artist Financial Compensation

Artist is entitled to 100% of the net admission price to the performance, including advance reservation sales, less the Production Fee. There will be a $300 Production Fee deducted from the sales to cover minimal house cost of operation. This number will guarantee the Artist some net revenue based upon reservations, providing the minimum is met. The Artist will in no way be required to pay any advance money to perform. Neither will the Producer be required to pay Artist any advance money.

The Artist may designate any or all of the seats as guest list, provided they cover the $300 Production Fee. There must be at least a minimal number of reservations with the potential to cover the $300 Production Fee. i.e. if reservations are $10, then at least 30 reservations are for sale, with guest list available for the remainder. If reservations are $20, then at least 15 reservations are for sale, etc. The audio/video recordings from the show are available for the Artist of the reservations cover the Production Fee. If they don’t cover the Production Fee, then the Artist can pay the balance for a copy of the recordings.

If the Artist wishes to give away all the tickets, they may do so – provided they first pay the $300 Production Fee.

If the Artist sells 30 reservations at $20, then $300 is deducted leaving $300 for the Artist. The Artist could make $575 if they sold 35 tickets at $25 – plus they get the audio/video files.

Private Studio Sessions is intended to be an invitation-only environment, allowing artists to fill the seats with their invited guests. Beginning 30 days prior to the performance, Artist will have 2 weeks to sell reservations to their show to cover the $300 Production Fee. In the event they don’t, Producer will have the right to promote the performance to all current Members to offer seats for sale to reach the $300 Production Fee, or sell the rest of the available seats.