Reservation Procedures

Reservation Procedures

There is a $300 ‘Production Fee’ that must be covered for every show.

First, price of reservations is set: typically somewhere between $10 and $25. The price of reservations determines how many must be sold to cover the $300 Production Fee. These are the reserved seats. ALL reservations are handled through Producer to take the burden of handling reservations off the Artist. After the show we then turn over all reservation money beyond Production Fee to Artist.

Reservation revenue beyond the Production Fee is all available for Artist Guest List if Artist so chooses. If reservations do not cover the Production Fee by 2 weeks out, remaining reservations can be sold to members at a discount to make up the $300. Artist can optionally pay the $300 and do what they will with the reservations. If not, $300 or the difference, will be held back from artist until 2 weeks prior to show, when seating is made available to members at a discount.

Reservations always take priority over guest list. Paying reservations always get preference in seating choice.

Reservations will ALL be handled via email – charging transactions, reserving specific seats, collecting all email addresses, etc. Every transaction is specific and dedicated and tracked. It ensures that we have an accurate account in advance, and that we can more accurately gauge the food/drink orders in advance. We can personalize things at this point.

We confirm a reservation, and then send a specific invoice to the patron that includes the show info, date, seat numbers, and any other pertinent info. Then the patron can pay directly through Square via credit card. When the transaction is complete, we will get a receipt and the patron will also receive a receipt confirming the transaction.

When the actual show date arrives, we will have a very simple means to settle the show by tracking every transaction related to the event, along with all seating costs via a standard settlement sheet. The settlement sheet will take into account all transaction processing costs. It will also contain any merchandise sales we may have conducted on the Artists’ behalf.

We may create an online membership account on the Network Concerts website that will give each Private Recording Sessions attendee a ‘Member’ status. This will enable them access to the private Member Calendar that will give them access to any upcoming events with available seating at a discount should openings become available. It won’t enable them to purchase seats online, but it will notify them of available seats for any upcoming show.

By handling all of the reservations manually, we will have everyone’s email in order to send them an invoice. This also gives us a tracking method to know who buys and attends.

All reservations will be in the form of will-call, with confirmation numbers.