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Private Studio Sessions

Private Studio Sessions is a Live Television Production produced in a studio in the Los Angeles area.

It features muti-track digital audio, multi-cam HD video, a full lighting grid, a stage, a video Control Room with switcher, a full RTS com system, and an audience seating area that holds 40.

The productions all center around excellent live music recorded in front of a live studio audience. Part of our show also features a long-form interview segment shot on the set of our beautiful 13′ traditional bar.

Some of the music is destined for Inside Jazz. Some of the video clips are destined for Network Concerts. Some of the interview segments are intended for radio, and all of the program material is targeted for syndication.

Our unique approach is designed to give the Artist maximum quality exposure to fans all around the world. We design everything to sound great – and look great. We give the Artist the opportunity to play their music in a beautiful, comfortable musical environment unlike any other.

Our unique approach gives the Artist full ownership rights of both the multi-track audio and the multi-cam video with very few restrictions.

Please contact us to find out more about the details.