Ownership Rights

Splitting Ownership Rights

All of the following terms and conditions require that Full implementation of proper credit and attributions are followed.

The Artist may:

Sell their show as a live album. Vinyl or CD.

Sell their show as a live DVD. Any hard copy.

Sell their show via CD Baby, iTunes or from their own website.

Post an excerpt from the interview on YouTube.

Post a complete song or 3 minute promo on YouTube. 1 song limit.

Post a complete song or 3 minute promo on their website. 1 song limit.

Producer May:

Syndicate the show online in some way, possibly via cable, or satellite.

Syndicate the audio from the show in segments, or in whole.

Syndicate the interview from Groove Files.

Use excerpts to create on-demand shows on our website.

Present music from the shows via Inside Jazz – featured and in rotation.

Syndicate and stream our products via on-demand.

Present ‘Behind the Scenes’ using additional footage from the productions.

Produce a ‘Best of’ compilation or sampler that we may stream, or we may syndicate it via on-demand.

Broadcast the show live, or stream it live as it happens using Audio and Video, via Network Concerts and Inside Jazz, or other syndication partners.

Shoot as much additional footage as we desire before, during and after the live shoot.

Artist Can Not:

Post more than one song or 3 minute promo on Youtube.

Post more than one song or 3 minute promo on their website.

Give away any portion of the audio or video. It must be sold at retail value.

Provide or allow the program or any excerpts to be syndicated, shown via VOD, streamed, or downloaded through anyone other than Network Concerts.

Producer Can Not:

Sell CDs or DVDs to the public in any manner other than ‘Best Of:’ in person or online.