New Year’s Eve LIVE 2015

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with us
Live across all 4 Time Zones!

The Eastern Live Broadcast Begins in:

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OK. This is the year. The First Annual…

Building on many of the great shows from the past, we’re putting together what should be a fun night of hanging out with good friends as we Time Travel across our great nation helping our fellow countrymen to ring in the new year in each time zone by streaming live music from our small ‘Undisclosed Location’ here in Burbank/Glendale.

4 Ball Drop Countdowns – 4 renditions of Auld Lang Syn. And the Ball Cam!

We plan to get rolling by 8pm as we jam on up to 9pm which will be Midnight on the East Coast and give us our first opportunity to sing Auld Lang Syn with balloons and noisemakers. We’ll have a good dose of East Coast music during this first hour.

Then we head on to Chicago/Texas from 9pm – 10pm in the Central Time Zone which will give us our second opportunity to sing Auld Lang Syn. There should be some blues in this zone, with a little overdrive for good measure.

Then it’s 10pm – 11pm when we’ll hit Denver/Phoenix in the Mountain Time Zone a their midnight, and we’ll hit Auld Lang Syn for chorus #3. (we ought to know the words by then…)

And our final stop this year will be the West Coast NYE extravaganza/blowout celebration when we hit our last blast for NYE here in LA for the Pacific Time Zone. We should all be able to join in with some great music from the West Coast.

This is the way New Year’s Eve should be celebrated with all our friends across the country joining with us in spirit. This is strictly for fun where you can watch a live NYE broadcast without fighting the crowds and the cold on the streets of Manhattan.

Yeah – we’ll even have our own super-funky manual ‘Ball Drop’ with a big count-down that will be different for each time zone. Just think of the unity… Can’t you just feel the love? (Well, watch it anyway)

Our musical selections will cover everything from standards to blues and a bit of rock. Hey – What could go wrong?

– The Management