Details of the Process

Shows are produced as ‘Private Events’ (invitation-only) staged in our studio.

We choose the best day for the event. This ensures that the Artists will have their “A” team on board, and that they are fully prepared for the show in advance, and they have adequate time to market and promote the event – something like 4 – 6 weeks.

We look to the Artists to fill the invited audience seats for the event. They control the price. The Artist is responsible for promoting the event across all forms of social media, email lists, and their website – among other resources.

Shows may not be publicized anywhere as a public event, and no tickets may be sold to the general public. It is strictly a private, invitation-only event. It will not conflict with ANY other local commitments for the artist if the Artist is playing a venue either before or after the pre-record event takes place.

Artists will share with Producer all promotion for the event well in advance, with links to the promotional sources.

The show may only be referenced by the artists as making an ‘Appearance’ on Network Concerts. No address may be given, and ANY reference to a local show or venue is strictly prohibited. Fans may only be referred to the online streaming of the concert on Network Concerts if it is streamed live, or the audio on Inside Jazz if it is streamed live. No reference to a location, city or state or venue may be made.

Access to the venue is strictly controlled on the evening of the show. Only people reserving seats directly through the Artist will be allowed in. The Artist controls the access for the evening. We will have a max of 40 people that they can bring to the show to sit in the audience.

We will have a crew of up to 10 people working on the show, including camera ops, lighting, audio, host, director, operations, audio streaming, video streaming, social media, etc.

We may sell food/beverage or rent listening systems as part of the production.

Artists must agree to perform a minimum of 60 minutes of original music that they will license to Producer.