Our Philosophy

After decades of recording countless live shows, we have developed an appreciation for the excellent hard-working musicians that create the music you hear onstage. Behind all the smoke and fire and bright spotlights, the real magic happens in the shadows, often unseen by the audience in front.

Unseen – but NOT unheard! We sum up our mission statement in one phrase: We’re here for the music.

We want you to learn about these incredible musicians the same way we have learned: Watch – and listen. It doesn’t matter if the artist is playing piano, guitar, congas, or vibes; talent is talent, and it deserves your attention.                  ダイキン(DAIKIN) ECO ZEAS(エコジアス) エコ・ダブルフロー(標準) SZRG50BBT 天井カセット2方向 2.0馬力相当 ペア 三相200V ワイヤード 【メーカー直送】【代引不可
間仕切 アコーデオンカーテン ドア スーパー防汚(ウイルNo.7101/カソードNo.7102)
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